Night Ride

Coming home late one cold December night after a party, Ebba (Sigrid Kandal Husjord) is waiting for the tram to get home. One comes but it is the driver’s break time and he will not allow her to wait on the empty tram despite the cold. Once he goes inside, Ebba opens the door of the tram and climbs on board.

Overtaken by her curiosity, Ebba sits in the driver’s seat and begins randomly pushing buttons. Soon, much to her surprise, the tram begins moving along the track. Panicking at first, Ebba soon figures out how to stop and start the tram.

One time when she stops a couple of people get on thinking she is the tram driver. Ebba plays along with it. Starting off nervous as she thinks they will figure out that she is an imposter, which soon becomes a fear due to the behaviour of a couple of guys who got on. Their behaviour becomes more problematic when one of the guys, who had been flirting with a woman discovers that she is trans and he is angry. It really becomes a night of unexpected occurrences.

Writer/director Eirik Tveiten (Vincent) has made a short film filled with a variety of elements and emotions. You will find yourself smiling, tense and sad then smiling again. It really takes you on a ride.

Some of the characters and their interactions verge on stereotypical but there is enough realism there to cling on to. The primary message about gender and identity rings true.

The film was named the Best narrative short film award winner at Tribeca Film Festival 2022.