The Highly Anticipated Original Production Following the Intense and Dramatic Life of Legendary Singer-Songwriter Miguel Bosé Premieres on November 3

Paramount+ hasannounced the premiere date for its highly anticipated original series, BOSÉ, the biopic based on the life of the Spanish singer-songwriter Miguel Bosé. BOSÉ will be available on the platform beginning November 3.

From the time of his birth, Miguel Bosé was destined for greatness, despite the rigid conventions imposed by his native country, Spain, in the 1960s. His father, Luis Miguel Dominguin, was traditional and conservative and a prominent figure in Spanish bullfighting, while his mother, Lucia Bosé, was a great Italian movie star, sophisticated and modern in her ways. Bosé was born blessed with his father’s strong character, his mother’s beauty, and the rebelliousness and elegance of both.

In 1968 Bose’s parent’s tumultuous relationship comes to an end after 13 years and they decided to separate, a scandal at the time for conservative Spain. At age 11, the separation makes a huge impact on Bosé, marking the beginning of a shift to his persona to a seductive and disruptive character – character traits that he will use to shake up the world a decade later.

Surrounded by a halo of mystery and fascination, Miguel Bose has always been a very private person with little known about his life. For the first time and exclusively on Paramount+, BOSÉ, breaks down the walls of the singer-songwriter’s incredible life, his strengths, and weaknesses and gives audiences an intimate look at his career. Each episode focuses on a different Miguel Bosé song and journeys through flashbacks to pivotal moments in the artist’s lifespan. The present-day timeline in the series takes place during the promotion of his multi-platinum album Papito, a special moment for Miguel personally when he decides to make a long-delayed dream come true: to be a father.

BOSÉ stars José Pastor and Iván Sánchez, who portray Miguel Bosé in different moments of his life. The cast also includes Nacho Fresneda in the role of Bosé’s father, Luis Miguel Dominguín, Valeria Solarino as Bosé’s mother, Lucía Bosé, Alicia Borrachero in the role of La Tata, a pivotal figure in Miguel Bosé’s life, Ana Jara as the singer’s best friend, José Sospedra Pablo Alborch, Miguel Ángel Muñoz as singer Julio Iglesias, and Mariela Garriga in the role of Facio.

The Paramount+ original series was produced by Paramount, in collaboration with Shine Iberia (Banijay Iberia), Elefantec Global, and Legacy Rock. The series was directed by Miguel Bardem and Fernando Trullols and written by Ángeles González Sinde, Isabel Vázquez y Boris Izaguirre.