New flavours of the month added to the TASTI line of customizable lattes

Tell me what kind of latte you drink, and I’ll tell you who you are! Influencer and businesswoman Elisabeth Rioux is unveiling four new flavours that will soon be available (for a limited time) on the TASTIOFFICIAL.COM online shop, an online customizable latte service she co-founded. Starting today, fans of this comforting beverage will be able to get their hands on Tasti lattes in Caramel or Pumpkin Spice flavours. Starting November 15, decadent versions with Hot Chocolate and Crème Brûlée will satisfy sweet tooths. With a range of flavours and nutrients, Tasti allows everyone to create a beverage that suits their tastes and the benefits they seek.

“As a mum and entrepreneur, I’m always looking for time-saving strategies. That’s what gave me the idea to combine business with pleasure by developing this line of all-in-one lattes,” says the influencer known for her flair. Lattes are a wellness ritual for me and incorporating the nutrients I need into them gives me the opportunity to take care of myself while enjoying my latte.”

Tasti is a smooth and comforting beverage par excellence, a way to take care of yourself with your daily latte. The concept is simple, just answer the quick questionnaire on the online shopping platform, to get a tailor-made recommendation, which takes into account your tastes and lifestyle.

Tasti lattes are made in Quebec, using mostly organic and local ingredients. Each bag makes the equivalent of 30 ready-to-drink servings. Simply pour in water or your favourite milk and a sweetening ingredient such as natural sugar, honey or a touch of maple syrup, if desired. For a refreshingly cold version, a few ice cubes can be added at the end of the preparation. There are four flavours on offer at all times: Matcha (Elisabeth’s favourite), a latte with the delicate taste of Japanese tea, Golden Milk, which evokes the earthy aroma of this healing drink made from turmeric, ginger and cardamom, as well as vanilla, which offers a rich and comforting flavour, and the essential Chai. An interesting selection of nutrients and ingredients can then be added, including marine collagen, which promotes tissue elasticity and strengthens hair and nails, probiotics, which support digestion and the immune system, caffeine, for a stimulating and energizing effect and l-theanine, which promotes relaxation.

Flavour of the month

Depending on the mood of the moment and Élisabeth’s favourites, new flavours are proposed each month, in limited editions. These flavours of the month reflect the sparkling and daring personality of the influencer.

Tasti customizable lattes are available online at the online shop:

The Tasti line is also available in many grocery stores, convenience stores and specialty food shops. For a list of outlets, visit the Tasti website.

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