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SVOD Premiere

Echoes of the Invisible

A film by Steve Elkins

Echoes of the Invisible interweaves a mosaic of profound quests. A blind man runs alone through Death Valley as journalist Paul Salopek walks 21,000 miles across the world to retrace our ancestors’ migration. Photographer Rachel Sussman struggles to capture the oldest living organisms on the planet while astronomers and physicists attempt to penetrate the furthest depths of time. These ambitious explorers, alongside monks journeying to the earth’s furthest reaches, are connected through their tireless search to touch the human heart in a world of noise and division.

The Color Wheel

A film by Alex Ross Perry
Starring Carlen Altman, Alex Ross Perry, and Kate Lyn Sheil

The story of JR (Carlen Altman), an increasingly transient aspiring news anchor, as she forces her disappointing younger brother Colin (Alex Ross Perry) to embark on a road trip to move her belongings out of her professor-turned-lover’s apartment. Travelling through fog-shrouded highways of New England, uncomfortably running into old school-mates, revisiting shared familial history from which they have long since diverged, chaos and calamity are not far behind their beat-up Honda Accord.
OVID Exclusive!Off the Road

A film by José Permar

Each year, the slow-paced lifestyle on Mexico’s largest desert in Baja Peninsula is given a turbo boost by the Baja 1000, the largest off-road motorsport race in the world that takes place crossing the Mexican-US border.

In this modern-day western, José Permar tells a unique story about the border, complete with a commissioned soundtrack of epic corridos performed by a trio of colourful musicians.

The Messenger

A film by Oren Moverman
Starring Ben Foster, Woody Harrelson, and Samantha Morton

Nominated for two Oscars: Best Supporting Actor (Woody Harrelson) and Best Original Screenplay. 

In his first leading role, Foster stars as Will Montgomery, a U.S. Army officer who has just returned home from a tour in Iraq and is assigned to the Army’s Casualty Notification service. Partnered with fellow officer Tony Stone (Harrelson) to bear the bad news to the loved ones of fallen soldiers, Will faces the challenge of completing his mission while seeking to find comfort and healing back on the home front.