Allergy Quebec invites the population to paint a pumpkin turquoise or to put up the poster of the initiative on their front door to indicate that they are offering non-food treats to allergic children during the celebration of Halloween, on October 31st.

This holiday is often a difficult moment for children suffering from allergies, since the distribution of potentially allergenic products tends to keep them away from the festivities. Participate in large numbers in the #MaCitrouilleTurquoise initiative to show them that they can join the party. Launched in the United States in 2014, this initiative already includes some fifteen countries.

“Food allergies continue to be a major, growing health problem in Quebec. When you know that up to 8% of Quebec children live with food allergies and you notice an 18% increase in this segment of the population, the #MaCitrouilleTurquoise initiative makes perfect sense in the context of Halloween. This activity gives us a great opportunity to raise awareness about this subject with young and old people alike,” says Dominique Seigneur, Communications Director at Allergy Quebec.
it’s also important to remember that at any moment, allergies can cause an anaphylactic reaction that can lead to death in a few minutes. Up to 75% of people who are allergic to peanuts have been accidentally exposed to that allergen.
In Canada, peanuts, wheat, milk, mustard, nuts, eggs, fish and seafood, sesame, soy and sulphites have been defined as the ten priority allergens, because they are responsible for the majority of severe allergic reactions. More than 160 allergenic foods have been identified in Canada.