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“This gripping single, “Thru The Ceiling,” is near and dear to my heart as it tells a story about Indigenous youth overcoming adversity by using our culture. You could say that I lived it. It is part of a Canada Council for the Arts project that includes an epic video. The project is entitled Indigenous Youth Sharing the Heart of Turtle Island. I want listeners to feel the power that the drum and Indigenous culture has to heal lives and hearts in the spirit of reconciliation.” -Joey Stylez

“The video, filmed in Saskatchewan and Haida Gwaii, tells the story of Indigenous youth overcoming bullying. The stunning visuals show how the drum and Indigenous culture lead our youth to a world of self-confidence. My manager Lorna Ledoux and I co-produced with up-and-coming videographer Jordan Did It, and hope to see it inspiring Indigenous youth. We are extremely grateful to the Canada Council for the Arts for helping to make the dream of this project a reality.” -Joey Stylez

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