As she awakens to realize that she is in some kind of large laboratory, a girl (Cynthia – first film) scrambles to find a way out. What becomes apparent is that at the laboratory some sort of ultra secret witch program is happening. Though the girl does not know why she was there and what happened.

While doing this she runs into Kyung Hee (Park Eun-bin – Gosa 2), a woman who is trying to protect those she loves from gangs. As members of that gang approach Kyung Hee’s house, the girl is able to ward them off with a kind of power. Not exactly sure why assassins are after the young girl or how she got her powers what Kyung Hee does know is that the girl’s life is in danger. Someone powerful wants her dead. So Kyung Hee returns the favour and hides the girl all the while wondering who she truly is.

The Korean film industry is a rather interesting one. Filled with talent and variety, many a quality film emerges from this country. The Witch 2 is a sequel to a popular Korean sci-fi/thriller. Sequels are a tricky thing. Rarely do they live up to the hype (if there was any) of the original.

The Witch 2 offers fans plenty of anime style action sequences and plenty of gore. For fans of those things, you will enjoy those moments. The blood and action is helped greatly by the wonderful cinematography. From a visual perspective, this film warrants a solid A.

For those coming for a strong story then you probably will walk away less satisfied. It almost as if director/writer Park Hoon-jung was trying to cram many stories into this one film. Because of this you felt less engaged with the characters and, as a result, what happens to them.

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