Released in theatres on December 16 in Quebec!

The film will be presented in original French version

Ernest (the bear) and Celestine (the mouse) are back in Ernest et Celestine:
Voyage en Charabie
, directed by Julien Chheng and Jean-Christophe Roger.  These
new adventures follow the first feature film starring the famous
duo conceived of by novelist Gabrielle Vincent in 2012 (Ernest et Célestine), which
was nominated for an Oscar in the category of best animated film and won
numerous awards, including the César for Best Animated Film.

Ernest and Celestine return to Ernest’s country, the Gibberish, to find his
precious broken violin.  They then discover that music has been banned throughout the
country for several years.  For our two heroes, it is unthinkable to live without
music!  Accompanied by accomplices, including a mysterious masked vigilante, Ernest and
Celestine will try to repair this injustice in order to bring joy back to the land of bears.

Taking up the style of drawings in pastels and watercolours and traditional animation
that characterize the universe of Ernest and Celestine, Ernest et Celestine: Voyage en Charabie is also a musical adventure. If almost all music is banned (only C is allowed!), a real “musical resistance” has been set up in the country, notably through a seller of prohibited notes which, through piano keys or missing strings, will allow resistance fighters to repair their instruments. 

There is also “Speakeasy” in Gibberish, speakeasy bars
in which musicians can play freely.

Pauline Brunner again lends her voice to the mouse Celestine, while Lambert
Wilson takes over the emblematic role of the gruff but sympathetic grumpy Ernest. 
The film is produced by Damien and Didier Brunner, who were responsible for
the production of the previous film, directed by Julien Chheng and Jean-Christophe
Roger, who collaborated on the series Ernest et Célestine en hiver, and worked on
animated films such as Le Chat du Rabbin and La vie de château.