L’abbatu des Vents @ Blood in the Snow Film Festival

Beautiful black and white animation makes up the backbone of Felix-Antoine Garneau-Chouinard’s film, L’Abattu des Vents. A 5-minute short film that was inspired by Robert Eggers’ The Lighthouse.

It tells the tale of a lightkeeper living alone on a secluded island. Soon it becomes apparent that the man is trapped in a world ruled over by his insanity.

This was Garneau-Chouinard’s (he wrote and directed) graduation film from Université Laval in Quebec City and took just under eight months to make. He is obviously a director who places a high emphasis on the visuals in his work, using them to tell the story.

Though it looks like the lightkeeper is made of clay, he is not. The animation was inspired by stop motion. The look of the island was inspired by many of the islands found in the St. Laurent river. The moving score was composed by Zachary Gilbert.