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Chocolate Road
A film by Tanya Chuturkova

Discover where chocolate comes from. Three renowned chocolatiers—Maribel Lieberman, Susumu Koyama, and Mikkel Friis-Holm—take us through the process of craft chocolate-making, starting from the plantations and all the way to the final chocolate piece. On their journey, each of them finds how important it is to know the roots of their prime material—the cacao bean, and the social impact of the people involved in the chocolate production chain.


OVID Exclusive

Wa-shoku Dream: Beyond Sushi
A film by Junichi Suzuki

Beginning with sushi, Japanese cuisine is familiar all over the world today. At Japanese restaurants, you can see people, regardless of their ethnicity, enjoying this food culture. There is a passionate story behind the men and women who dedicated their lives to spreading traditional Japanese cuisine, or Wa-shoku, recognized throughout the world today.

This feature documentary film illustrates the past and future of Wa-Shoku and how dedicated men and women maintained the essential traditional qualities of Japanese food.

Christmas, Again

A film by Charles Poekel 
Starring Kentucker Audley and Hannah Gross

For a fifth consecutive December, a heartbroken Noel (Kentucker Audley) returns to New York City to work the night shift at a sidewalk Christmas tree lot. Devoid of any holiday spirit, he struggles to stay awake during the long, chilly nights in his trailer, while the daytime traffic keeps him from getting any real rest. As he slowly spirals into despair, he comes to the aid of a mysterious young woman (Hannah Gross) in the park. Her warming presence, matched with some colourful customers, helps rescue him from self-destruction.