Some of the seemingly small choices we make in life actually have big consequences. This is the larger philosophical issue that the short film The Car Spotter revolves around.

Many of us have a hobby that we enjoy doing. Painting, photography, knitting, writing, birdwatching, or a plethora of other things. But Peo’s hobby is an odd one. I am not sure many people do car spotting like him. What is car spotting, you might ask? It is when you make a checklist of all the possible types of cars and tick them off as you see them.

Peo (Mats Qvistrom) sets up a folding chair beside a desolate stretch of highway to indulge in his hobby. As different models pass him by, the car enthusiast then ticks them off his list. He is really into car spotting and spends hours doing it. His wife Gitta (Ann-Sofie Kylin) is okay with his new passion, but not that he spends hours doing it as it decreases their time together. She feels lonely. So when Lennart (Bjorn Andresen) asks Gitta out for a drink…

Those who are seen as oddballs or eccentric are often shuffled off to the fringes of society. They have no link to anyone in the “inner circle”. As such, like Peop, they often do not know what is going on right underneath their own noses as they are so far removed from even the people in their lives.

Another aspect the Swedish short delves into is the importance of a couple sharing interests. Sharing something will keep a couple linked to one another no matter how many years together. this will equal time spent together and that is incredibly important in a relationship. Making sure that you stay invested in your long term relationship takes work; it does not just happen.

Presented in an interesting way, the 13 minute short is done in a kind of documentary style. The camera follows Peo and talks to his wife Gitta in a kind of interview way.

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