Michael Zelniker is on his way to Montreal, his hometown, for the release of a documentary feature film titled, “The Issue with Tissue – a Boreal Love Story” that he wrote, produced, edited and directed. It will be playing at La Cinematheque Quebecoise beginning on December 7th running in conjunction with the United Nations-sponsored COP 15 on biodiversity that will take place in Montreal from December 7th – December 19th.

‘The Issue with Tissue: A Boreal Love Story’ documents the destruction of the boreal forests in Canada for the sake of the toilet paper industry. The Issue with Tissue – a boreal love story documents
the little known, largely untold story of the boreal forest and the Indigenous Peoples who call it home, how it is being clear-cut for the manufacture of toilet paper and that protecting and conserving the boreal is an existential imperative.

Told by the First Nations Elders and Leaders of the boreal, leading scientists and activists, The Issue with Tissue creates a kind of talking circle that inspires our storytellers to speak with intimacy and candour about the issues confronting us all, sharing their enlightened, unified vision that the way forward lies in elevating and supporting Indigenous knowledge/stewardship in combination with the ages-old wisdom that can be found in the life of these forests and trees.

Written, directed and produced by
Michael Zelniker
Executive producers
Paul Cadieux, Michèle Audette,
Dave Porter & Allen Edzerza

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