The pandemic was so tough on everyone, including the animated characters of South Park. Stan, Kyle and Cartman survived the pandemic. Everyone has been affected.

But if only they could work together and travel back in time to pre-pandemic. When they arrive there the group of young people could work together to try and attempt to stop the COVID pandemic from ever happening along with saving Kenny’s life. This seems to be the perfect plan until they meet up with Victor Chaos. Seems like things will never return to being as they were pre-COVID.

Two event episodes are featured here. One deals with no one being the same after COVID while the other features the young group of friends travelling back in time pre-COVID so they can save Kenny.

Doing pretty well after over two decades on television, South Park features all the qualities that it always has. It continues to be crass, zany, over the top, and often deals with issues of the day. Show creators Trey Parker and Matt stone point their fingers at those and that which they identify as politically correct.

This is filled with quality and laughs. The two special episodes first aired in 2021. Together they really act as one long episode.