While working at the hospital one day, Dr. Rose Cotter (played by Sosie Bacon), a psychiatrist, sees a horrible and strange accident involving a patient. From that point on she begins to experience strange and inexplicable things. Her life becomes one filled with fear. In order to change this, Rose is going to have to face something from her past or she will not survive.

Tension is the word here. It is added to and builds up throughout the runtime of the film. Director Parker Finn’s debut feature film (he has made two short films previously) involves plenty of attention paid to tone. Occasionally too much. But at least there is the recognition that for this type of film pacing and tension are vital. This all leads to a couple of satisfying jump scares. Who doesn’t enjoy that in a horror film?

On the downside, some scenes totally felt like filler. Repetition crept in a little too often. Scenes that easily could have been trimmed as they added nothing or were already done.

I did find the subtext going on – that terror/fear can be contagious – interesting. As we know now that trauma can be passed down a family through generations, why not fear?

Average. Meaning that almost everything about this horror film is average. It is not something you have not seen before. Many times, actually, in the horror genre. But unlike many horror films, it is not unwatchable.

Special Features:

-Digital Copy

-Deleted Scenes

-Commentary by Director Parker Finn

-Something’s Wrong with Rose: Making Smile

-Flies on the Wall: Inside the Score