DRACO ROSA releases new video for his meditative song “El Río de La Vida”


When the multi-award-winning artist Draco Rosa composed “El Río de La Vida,” one of the tracks on his acclaimed album “Sound Healing 1:11,” he was amazed at how easily the music and lyrics came together. The same happened with the music video that premiered today.

 “We got carried away with the flow and the moment. That piece turned out very nice. We did it with the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. Things happened naturally, without much mystery. You try to do a thousand things, and some don’t happen and others do”, said the artist when talking about the song, which also counted on the composition of the talented Spaniard Luis Gómez Escolar.

The music video is the perfect companion to the song, translating the music into relaxing images of the interior of Puerto Rico, some of them at the artist’s farm, including the powerful waters of a river that flows endlessly, in clear reference to the title “El Río de La Vida”.

The video and the song fulfill the mission Draco Rosa took on when he released “Sound Healing 1:11”, an album created during the pandemic in beneficial frequencies for the body with natural sounds of birds, rivers and seas and which was chosen by NPR Music as one of the best albums of 2021.

The album’s tracks are accompanied by natural sounds captured by a team that was divided to cover different spaces of Draco’s estate of about 39 hectares. He also took into account to tune the instruments to a frequency of 432 hz, instead of the conventional 440 hz, which according to music therapists can be beneficial for the body.

Sound Healing 1:11 contains 11 songs, seven of the eleven songs are in Spanish, three songs – “Chateau Marmont,” “Religion of 2” and “So Beautiful” – are in English, while the exquisite 10 minutes of “El Amor de Boriken” are instrumentals. With this, Draco Rosa once again opened up new musical horizons and gave us an album of remembrance that we can immerse ourselves in from beginning to end.