Plural takes place from April 21 to 23, 2023 at the Grand Quay in Montreal’s Old Port. The event will bring together over 40 Canadian contemporary art galleries.

The Contemporary Art Galleries Association (AGAC) is proud to announce the new name of its fair: Plural Contemporary Art Fair. After a long process of consideration and a consultation with key players in the art community, AGAC chose Plural for its simplicity, originality and resonance.

“Our new name now reflects the event’s true scope,” says Dominique Toutant, co-chair of the AGAC board of directors and director of Blouin Division gallery. Since 2019, the fair is no longer dedicated solely to works on paper – all types of medium are featured. “The event gives visitors the opportunity to discover and appreciate a plurality of artistic practices in contemporary art.” 

The name Plural can also be interpreted as a reference to pluralism, a tenet that recognizes the coexistence of opinions, tendencies and behaviours within a community. “AGAC believes that Plural should showcase the diversity of voices and practices in our community, whether they are emerging or established; whether we are considering the galleries, artists or artistic expressions that coexist at the fair,” explains Toutant. “The event aims to bring together and represent the best of Canadian contemporary art, an incredible panorama where a plurality of voices are present. In this sense, Plural is a relevant name, full of possibilities.”

A new chapter for AGAC’s flagship event
Julie Lacroix, director of the Association, is enthusiastic about this milestone in the project’s history. “Over the past 15 years, the fair has gained in notoriety and prestige,” she summarizes. “Papier’s original mission of presenting affordable artworks to foster the rise of new collectors has been accomplished with great success. Today, our art market is stronger and the fair attracts a loyal base of collectors each year. Plural is therefore embarking on its next chapter with the objective of becoming a must-attend event for all Canadian collectors, in order to increase its influence outside Quebec.”

Ms. Lacroix adds, “Plural will remain a boutique-size fair, with a welcoming atmosphere that appeals to the general public and collectors alike. While fostering this growth, AGAC remains focused on its most important promise: to present a convivial and accessible event, where art lovers from all walks of life are welcome to discover and admire the best of contemporary art in the country.”
A fair for and by the galleries
For the Association and its members, Plural stands out from other art fairs because of its unique model. “While most fairs around the world are owned by private companies that sometime manage a portfolio of events, Plural is organized for the galleries by the national association that represents them,” explains Abdelilah Chiguer, co-chair of the AGAC board and co-director of Galerie 3.”It is important for AGAC to promote best practices in the art market, while cultivating a sense of community within our industry. When we work together, our projects are strengthened: in this sense, we hope that Plural can be a project that fosters collaboration between galleries and the building of new bridges within the ecosystem of the Canadian art world.