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SOFI TUKKER is ending their meteoric year with the release of their cover of Snow Patrol’s classic “Chasing Cars”. The duo recasts the song as a vulnerable duet that waxes and wanes, echoing intimate conversations. The band share about the song, “Chasing Cars is a song we both bonded over. It depicts that state… of being intimate with someone, of forgetting the whole world exists, when you’re together. The lyrics couldn’t be more perfect. The two opening notes are iconic. We still can’t believe we even dared to touch it… it’s such a masterpiece already. Tuck doesn’t usually volunteer to sing, but there’s probably no other song he’s sung more in his life. So he was comfy enough to give it a go. We first made it to perform on Triple J, an Australian radio station, and then we realized it’s the perfect way to wrap up an amazing year. Last week marked 1000 days since the Freak Fam started, the community that built around the livestream DJ sets we did during the pandemic. We hope it pulls at the heartstrings of people who once listened to this song the way we did, and maybe it’ll introduce some people to the song altogether, in which case… you’re welcome. We feel lucky to have been able to have fun with it. Thank you Snow Patrol for writing one of our favourite songs ever.”

SOFI TUKKER has also announced they have become brand ambassadors for and co-owners of Novo Fogo, a rainforest preservation steward and producer of award-winning Brazilian sugarcane spirits and ready-to-drink cocktails. The group’s areas of focus will include brand growth and strategy, rainforest conservation initiatives, product development and innovation, and content creation.  Novo Fogo is a carbon-negative company and the only independent craft cachaça brand to wholly own its distillery and sugarcane fields. With a distillery located in the heart of Brazil’s coastal rainforest, conservation is a core principle of Novo Fogo’s mission. SOFI TUKKER’s partnership with Novo Fogo will allow the duo to directly participate in conservation initiatives like The Un-Endangered Forest™, the company’s reforestation project in Brazil to save 36 species of trees from extinction. 

In celebration of the partnership, the group says, “We have a lot in common with Novo Fogo – we share a core love of Brazil, fun, and environmentalism. Cachaça is Tuck’s favourite drink and Soph doesn’t drink alcohol, but she’s still at the same party… both having the best time. This partnership works because Novo Fogo is so much more than cachaça and spirits; they are a powerful rainforest preservation steward, and we’re enthusiastic participants in the reforestation project The Un-Endangered Forest. So if you do decide to drink, we hope you’ll drink Novo Fogo because you’ll be planting trees in the Brazilian rainforest at the same time! We’re excited to help introduce this classic Brazilian drink to more people around the world.” 

The duo’s WET TENNIS fashion line, created in collaboration with renowned designer Johnny Wujek, has just restocked the online store after the first drop quickly sold out. The line includes the unisex outfits worn by the group on the WET TENNIS album cover, accessories, and of course the radiant colour ombre of the album iconography. They debuted the collection at this past New York Fashion Week with a rooftop presentation at Spring Studios.  Sign up at to stay posted on new drops. 

Along with the fashion line, the duo has a WET TENNIS tour merch line, which is available on their webstore along with an ombre picture disc vinyl that is now in stock.

SOFI TUKKER, the genre-defying duo of Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern, is celebrated for their inclusive and global perspective on electronic music as well as their work’s themes of liberation, unity, and self-empowerment. Since 2015 they have achieved Gold records on 5 continents, over a billion streams, and have collaborated with artists including Pabllo Vittar, John Summit, Bomba Estéreo, Amadou & Mariam and Mahmut Orhan. Their music has been used hundreds of times in Film, TV and ad campaigns for the world’s largest brands including Apple (“Best Friend” for the iPhone X), Peloton (“Purple Hat”) and Smartwater (“Wet Tennis”). Many of the duo’s hit songs are sung in Brazilian Portuguese with lyrics by Brazilian poet Chacal, who they collaborated with on their GRAMMY-nominated debut single “Drinkee”. WET TENNIS (When Everyone Tries To Evolve, Nothing Negative is Safe), the follow-up to their GRAMMY-nominated debut album Treehouse, continues their story and growth. The album was accompanied by a major campaign for ESPN & the US Open, and a sold-out launch of their WET TENNIS fashion line with a presentation at NYFW. When the world shut down in 2020, SOFI TUKKER began daily livestreams, eventually doing hundreds of streams for millions of viewers. When the world reopened, SOFI TUKKER dove back into the live world, with sold-out tours on 4 continents, as well as field-packing, high energy festival sets. When asked what the future looks like for them, they’ve said: wet.


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