Fairytales mixed with zombies. Right off the top, that sounds like fun. Add in an examination of the modern family and what that even means. Together let’s see if The Loneliest Boy in the World, directed by Martin Owen is as fun as it could be.

Loner Oliver (played by Max Harwood) is suddenly beginning to make friends. This starts to happen after the death of his mother. Her death was unexpected and crushed Oliver. These new friends seem to be the perfect salve for his broken heart. That is until you take a closer look at these so-called new friends.

Ok, the truth of it is that Oliver dug up these new friends. Really! He DUG them up. From the GROUND. Even Oliver himself is surprised when they actually come to life. They do so overnight as he is sleeping. Now, Oliver has to keep who these friends are a secret from the neighbours and others.

Director Owen and writers Piers Ashworth, Brad Wyman and Emilio Estevez (yeah, of Mighty Ducks and Martin and Charlie Sheen fame) dive headfirst into horror films, families, the American Dream, and even death. It is a lot. A lot for a film that seems like a teenage zombie farce. Too much. They have bitten off more than they, or probably anyone, can chew. Instead of it being a layered or nuanced the film is a mess.

The acting is decent, it is the story that lets everyone down. For a film that tries to hit upon some heady things, it is rather silly and childish. Too much so for me to get beyond. It could be a somewhat fun film if you are feeling silly or are high. Otherwise, don’t waste your time.

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