Scandal: Season 7 on Disney+

When a big time series wraps up there are usually people on both sides of the fence in regard to their happiness about how it wrapped up. Some will be satisfied while others will be spitting mad. Scandal was a show that people really loved. That means they watched, by the millions, but also means they were very invested and had plenty of opinions. Many were not happy with the writing. Or with the characters and even with some of the acting.

There are plenty of campy moments here in season 7. Along with the usual amount of political intrigue and subterfuge, there is a lot of drama. Along with a soupcon of social commentary. In other words highly watchable for a number of reasons.

Season seven features many of the characters trying to adjust to new directions in their lives. It begins with Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington – Ray, Django Unchained) working as Chief of Staff for President Mellie Grant (Bellamy Young – Mission: Impossible II, We Were Soldiers). At the same time, she is also covertly working as the head of B613. Quinn (Katie Lowes – Wreck-It Ralph, Zootopia) is leading Olivia’s old firm, now known as QPA. Fitz (Tony Goldwyn – Ghost, The Last Samurai) is trying to readjust to being a civilian after being President for eight years.

Scandal was show creator Shonda Rhimes’s first series that was not a hospital-based one. For the first five seasons, it was a must-watch with highly addictive storylines. In season six things began to unravel. That continued in season seven which was too bad as this series (and those who watched it) deserved a banging ending. Throughout most of the season, it seemed like that was not going to be the case. Plenty of stuff is going on – Olivia is becoming a dark force, Cyrus (Jeff Perry – appeared in episodes of Prison Break and CSI: NY) is scheming, Jake (Scott Foley – from television’s Felicity) is acting all creepy, and the QPA team seems to not know their right from left. Then in strode an unlikely hero.

Towards the end of the season in came Annalise Keating (Viola Davis – Fences, Suicide Squad) to save the day. Or at least the ending of the season and series. In the remaining half dozen or so episodes it is like the infusion of Annalise/Viola rights the ship. The story kicks into something the fans will recognize and love. Hang onto your hats, Olivia Pope is back and she is going to wow you.