The satire is thick in this series. Done in a top notch way though, so it is incredibly entertaining. If you are in line with the politics being forwarded here. You have to in order to see the humour in the series starting with posing the question of what the United States would have been like if Donald Trump had not won the 2017 election. Would it have been better or worse? An interesting perspective is forwarded here in the format of an alternate reality.

While many will see this season as being all over the place (and it most certainly is) but there is no denying that it will have you involved in what it is doing within the first few moments of episode 1. Besides being entertaining it also will have you thinking about the ideas and questions it forwards.

There is a little bit of everything going on style-wise. Besides satire, you also get a bit of romcom, odd dream sequences and even a little Kafka. All this happens under the umbrella of courtroom drama.

The Good Fight is an offshoot of another courtroom drama, The Good Wife. Christin Baranski’s Diane Lockhart continues on from The Good Wife to be the central character in husband-wife creative team, Robert and Michelle King. Besides Diane, just like in The Good Wife, there is a handful of other great characters like Adrian Boseman (Delroy Lindo – Da 5 Bloods, Malxolm X), Lucca Quinn (Cush Jumbon- appeared in episodes of The Good Wife and Trying), Marissa Gold (Sarah Steele – Spanglish, The Lucky Ones), Liz Reddick (Audra McDonald – Respect, Ricki and the Flash), and Julius Cain (Michael Boatman – Hamburger Hill, Woman Thou Art Loosed). Plus this season sees guest appearances by Gavin Firth (John Larroquette – from television’s Night Court), Louis Canning (Michael J. Fox – Back to the Future, Stuart Little 2), Kurt McVeigh (Gary Cole – Office Space, One Hour Photo),Gabriel Kovac (Fisher Stevens – Short Circuit, Hackers), Linda Shuck (Rachel Dratch – Click, Just Go With It), Andreas Conto (Mario Cantone – from television’s Sex and the City), and Edie Ham (Tara Summers – Factory Girl, Hitchcock).