On the shores of Lac Tranquille by Mirari and Normal studio, as part of Luminothérapie © Ulysse Lemerise / OSA

Skating sessions at the Esplanade Tranquille skating rink will be transformed in a dazzling way, from December 1 to March 5, 2023, with the interactive experience Au bord du lac Tranquille. Premiered at the Quartier des Spectacles as part of the 13th edition of Light Therapy, the work inspired by the diversity of marine fauna and flora, is designed by the Montreal companies Mirari and Normal Studio, and offers a dreamlike journey into the heart of northern Quebec.

The interactive video projection, broadcast all week twice a night, invites the public to explore marine ecosystems ranging from the Escoumins, through the Laurentians to the Far North, through its waterways and aquatic animals. In Lac Tranquille, narwhals, turtles, bullheads, whales and plankton coexist with humans and interact with their movements and skating strokes. From the calm of the early morning to the luminescent parties of the evening, the work offers free of charge, twice a night, a 30-minute epic in a magical marine world. In Quebec, lakes frozen in winter are part of our identity and become an extension of our backyard, just like the Esplanade Tranquille for Montrealers.

« The Quartier des Spectacles Partnership is proud to present the premiere of Au bord du lac Tranquille, a work that includes a strong narrative and where the public lives a unique interaction experience, whether they are participants or spectators. Designed by creators who are committed to celebrating our northernness, it invites you to explore the splendour of Quebec and enjoy the joys of winter in the city through art,” says Catherine Girard Lantagne, Artistic Director of the Quartier des Spectacles Partnership.

Au bord du lac Tranquille de Mirari and Normal studio, as part of Luminothérapie © Ulysse Lemerise / OSA


On the shores of Lac Tranquille is an innovative creation of local Mirari and Normal Studios, who have joined forces to offer an unparalleled experience on Montreal’s largest refrigerated outdoor skating rink. The creators worked with Photon software, developed in Montreal by VYV, and a state-of-the-art laser motion sensor system that tracks skaters’ movements in real time from the roof of the Esplanade Tranquille.

The skaters become the actors of the work who, through their sliding movement, evolve the experience, among other things, by forming trails of snow, eddies or being chased by poisonous benches in the body of water. Speed, position on the ice and proximity to others influence the visual content generated. Collaboration between skaters is particularly expected in the constellation table. Au bord du lac Tranquille is a unique work in North America by bringing together the creativity of Montreal designers and interactive technology on ice.

« Just like the skaters who will brave the winter conditions to come and live the experience, we have achieved a great creative and technological challenge by creating this interactive outdoor work. We are very pleased to have been able to use our creativity and expertise to bring to life a bright, magical and dreamlike universe in the heart of Montreal. With Au bord du lac Tranquille, skaters really take part in history by building and transforming the visual universe through their movements. This unique project is a great example of collaboration and ingenuity specific to our Montreal creative ecosystem,” said Thomas Payette, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Mirari and Philippe Belhumeur, Creative Director of Normal Studio.