Ready to face the fire on Epic Games Store? Developed by Pixel Crow Games and Atomic Wolf, and published by Movie Games, Fire Commander premieres now on EGS.

Fire Commander is a game where you head a group of firefighters and run a fire station between 30+ action-packed missions. 

You hire new recruits, train them, specialize them, and send them on missions that range from small house fires to airplane crashes, toxic spills or raging infernos that require water drops from helicopters and airplanes.

Be free to utilize different vehicles, class specializations and tools. Creatively combining them, discover multiple ways of dealing with any situation. In action, consider such factors as backdraft, smoke, or materials with a different combustion temperature.

Take care of your people during and between rescue actions. Send your firefighters on training courses and develop their skills. Be sure that during emergencies, everyone will know what to do.

The welfare of your crew and the success of the missions depend on your decisions.


  • Different classes of firefighters;
  • 30+ thrilling missions;
  • Experience system with unlockable skills;
  • Numerous rescue vehicles and a growing fire station;
  • Story and side missions;
  • An enemy you cannot outpower, only outsmart.