The Deportation of a Model Citizen

A young female Syrian (Thalita Beltrao Sorensen – The Last Client) has been living in Denmark for years, where the teen has been going to school. Aida has been well-integrated into Danish society. Now she is being deported back to Syria despite the protestations of her foster mother (Tine Gottheif). Two young police officers (Mads Hjulmand, Joey Moe) have been assigned to transport her to the airport where she will board a plane back to the country where she was born.

This 23-minute short film directed and co-written by Jacob Pilgaard is based on a true story. Refugees and immigrants have had a very rough ride over the past couple of years. Rougher than usual. Here is a young woman who has been living in an adopted country for years and is now being ripped from the life she knows, the people she loves and being sent back to a dangerous war-torn country. For what? What could possibly be the reason?

Here we see a supposition or look at what a person might do if they have to leave the country they knew for one they didn’t. What they would do over their last few hours before having to leave. This leads to a look at the unjust and meaningless rules that govern refugees’ lives and where they are able to live. How families are often separated. How women and girls are often (yet again) the most vulnerable to deportation. This whole story is told with plenty of humanity and emotion.