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A film by Mia Donovan

Chronicles Ted ‘Black Lightning’ Patrick’s anti-cult crusade. His practice of ‘deprogramming’, also known as reverse brainwashing, started in the early 1970s and quickly snowballed into a vast underground movement composed of concerned parents, ex-cultist-turned-deprogrammers and some sympathetic law-enforcers whose mission was to physically and mentally remove individuals from cults.
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2022 Edition!

Curious about what OVID subscribers watched the most this year? There is a list of the top 50 streamed OVID titles for 2022!
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OVID’s January Lineup!

OVID in January includes the world streaming premiere of Patricio Guzmán’s My Imaginary Country, the groundbreaking labour doc The Wobblies, Rock Hudson and Jean Seberg like you’ve never seen them before, Susannah York and Glenda Jackson in the unforgettable Jean Genet adaptation The Maids and more!