Once again Neil Young has regrouped with his favorite band Crazy Horse.  Young co-produced the album with Rick Rubin and recorded all of the tracks live on tape swiftly at Rubin’s Shangri-La Studio, in Malibu, California. 

Neil Young’s 42nd album, serves up the thought s of an artists who is rarely at rest, even at the ripe old age of 77.  Young conveys musical and environmental themes we have heard from Young’s earlier releases.  The sadness of our planet’s condition with a dash of hope mixed in.  The sound is familiar, raw/ raugh and unassuming.  I thought the photos of Young’s family (Photo of Neil’s father on the cover) within the album/CD were heart-felt and invite you into his life.  The word out there is that Young should have spent a bit more time recording in the studio instead of just winging it, and getting the word out.

My fave tracks are: “Break The Chain” and “Chevrolet”

Track List:

1. Love Earth
2. Overhead
3. I Walk With You (earth ringtone)
4. This Old Planet (changing days)
5. The World (is in trouble now)
6. Break The Chain
7. The Long Day Before
8. Walkin’ On The Road (to the future)
9. The Wonder Won’t Wait
10. Chevrolet
11. This Old Planet reprise

Genre: CD, Album, 
Music by Neil Young 
Label: Reprise Record
Format: CD, Album,
Released: November 18, 2022