Bill Frisell at Bronson Centre

March 10 – 7pm—Bill Frisell with Tony Scherr & Kenny Wollesen at Bronson Centre Theatre

There’s a catch phrase that I overheard someone saying at my first Bill Frisell concert, about 25 years ago and that is, “never miss a Bill Frisell concert.”  With that advice in mind, I have often travelled to Ottawa and beyond to capture Frisell’s wonderous sounds.  I believe I saw Frisell with his present trio perform at The Village Vanguard in New York City about 20 years ago.  

What makes these concerts so exceptional is that every show is unique…the song selection and the interpretation of the songs varies from night to night Hats down to the Ottawa Winter Jazz Festival for adding some well needed winter warmth to our long winter.

World renowned Jazz guitarist Frisell’s ethereal sound will transport you to blissful realms of unchartered audio spheres.   Considered as one of the greatest jazz guitarists in the world, Frisell’s concerts never fail to astonish audiences with his melodious dexterity, creating for a most exceptional and unforgettable experience.  Don’t miss this one…tickets are in limited supple and selling fast.