Yorg Abenteuer

Diane Lockhart (Emmy Award winner Christine Baranski) feels like she’s stepping off the deep end. Just having lost her job after a mammoth financial rip-off, Diane is distraught and has to start her life over at a new law office.  The series also stars Tony Award winner Audra McDonald (Beauty and the Beast), Nyambi Nyambi (“Mike and Molly”), Sarah Steele (“The Good Wife”), Andre Braughar (“Brooklyn 99”), Charmaine Bingwa (“Emancipation”) and Michael Boatman (“Madam Secretary”). Guest stars include Emmy nominees Alan Cumming (“The Good Wife”), Gary Cole (“Veep”), Phylicia Rashad (“The Cosby Show”), John Slattery (“Mad Men”) and Emmy Winner Carrie Preston (“The Good Wife”).

Reconnecting with events that occurred in its seminal season.  It’s Deja Vue to the max. 

Topics such as the overturning of Roe verses Wade, civil rights, voting rights, social rights, and a array of other civil inequalities invade the collective conscious of the lawyers in the Reddick & Associates law office.  Everything seems scrambled as we enter the first episode and what is to be?  Check out this exceptional final season of a beloved must watch series. 

With a satirical one-two punch, “The Good Fight – The Final Season” delivers on all fronts.  Don’t forget to check out the “Gag Reel”, and “Deleted Scenes”. Below, finds a synopsis of each season. 

1. The Beginning of the End

Liz is promoted to partner in her office while Debbie grapples with past occurrences all the back to season one. 

2. The End of the Yips

As Diane feels that she is going crazy and enters into her first therapy session.  Liz struggles to maintain her integrity. 

3. The End of Football

Racial discrimination in football, Ben-Baruch returns.

4. The End of Eli Gold

Trial begins and Liz and Richard collaborate.

5. The End of Ginni

All about the right concerning child-birth and the rights of the unborn baby

6. The End of a Saturday

Everyone in the office tries to find the needed bone marrow for Richard’s in-law.

7. The End of STR Laurie

The FBI is interested/investigates Reddick & Associates law office….why?

8. The End of Playing Games

Richard and Liz must try to decide who is the top partner in the office

9. The End of Democracy

White supremacists come into the fray as sensitive information must be extracted from them.  Diane and Kurt wrestle with issues relating to relationships.

10. The End of Everything

Air date: Nov 10, 2022

Will the office survive after the brutal invasion of the white supremacists.  Find out in this final episode.