Anabel Adams

Three years prior to the release of Dragonslayer Star Wars made its inaugural splash onto movie screens around the world.  This is an era often referred as the golden age of science fiction cinema.  Of late, Paramount Pictures has done a brilliant job of re-releasing older films, and I feel this serves a few gap needs.  1.Primarily the importance of films to remain available to young and old.  2.To improve on audio and video aspects of older films, because we can.  3. Historically, it is important to have all major motion pictures available for the masses to enjoy, especially cult classic films such as Dragonslayer. 

“For the first time ever on 4k UHD and Blu-Ray disc, remastered with Dolby Atmos sound, and featuring hours of special features including new commentary by director Matthew Robbins with Guillermo Del Toro”.

I barely remember watching “Dragonslayer” in theaters back in 1981.  However, fragments of the film seemed to have been imbedded onto my brain as a few segments of the film seemed very familiar.  I was genuinely looking forward to receiving my copy of the film on 4K Ultra – HD.  Unfortunately, due to insufficient 4K Ultra versions available I received the Blu-Ray version of the film instead.  Suffice it to say the audio and video looked and sounded abundantly clear and up to date. Kudos to director Matthew Robbins and the team at Paramount on a spectacular effort.

Set in England during the Dark Ages, a time of little to no emphasis on cultural nor scientific realizations.   A fire-breathing dragon named Vermithrax Pejorative seeks havoc on the citizens of a small English Kingdom after being denied of his peace offering of a young virgin. Our protagonist Galen (Peter MacNicol, his inaugural on-screen performance) is unenthusiastically tasked with slaughtering the creature and saving the life of his love interest who is also the King’s daughter (Caitlin Clarke, also in her inaugural on-screen performance).  Starring as the old wizard and guide to Galan is Ralph Richardson. For young Galen to succeed he will need everything he has and more to defeat the dragon.  Don’t miss this one if you enjoy Action, Adventure, Fantasy films.

Special Features include:

  • NEW commentary by Director Matthew Robbins & 
  • Guillermo del Toro
  • Welcome To Cragganmore   
  • A Long Way To Urland
  • Vermithrax Pejorative
  • Into The Lake Of Fire
  • The Final Battle
  • NEW Screen Tests:  Watch the auditions for the film.
  • NEW The Slayer of All Dragons
  • Original Theatrical Trailer

       Dragonslayer comes with a redeemable digital code