Reprise Records


Green Day’s “New Wavy” sound showed up at least 10 years late for the celebration.  But that’s also what makes the band so distinctive and cool.  Lead vocalist/guitarist Billie Joe Armstrong cites the Clash’s “London Calling” as a major inspiration for him and the band while recording Nimrod. 

Prior to Nimrod’s release, the trio was frequently rowdy and inebriated. Stories abound of drunken interludes persisted in the media.  Bassist Mike Dirnt drunken and naked escapades knocking on patrons’ hotel room doors is no secret.  Of course, there was nothing unusual about drummer Tre Cool dumping televisions and beers out of hotel windows, ala Keith Moon.  All of this is quite normal you’d say for the young and uninitiated rock and roll stars. Nevertheless, it seemed during the recording of Nimrod the band’s direction had matured and their playing had tightened and stepped up to the next level.  

Reprise Records originally released Green Day’s 5th studio on October 14, 1997. This album is a bit of a mixed bag to say the least. Offering up-tempo songs to ballads from soft rock to heavier punk-edged tunes and with a definite lean into ska and new wave, there is something here for everyone and that was probably the reason this album became such a huge success.  By the time Nimrod had a few turns around your CD player the trio hit it big internationally.  In 1998 the release achieved double platinum success in both Canada and the United States. 

Now 25 years later the album has been repackaged featuring: 3 CDs, a booklet, your own “All Access” Backstage Pass (don’t think this will get you into the party lol), and a cool band cloth patch, all contained in small cardboard carton…. this would make for an awesome gift.  I loved the Demos CD, but I especially loved the live CD (recorded live in Philadelphia’s The Electric Factory on Nov. 14, 1997).  Among the best box sets, I’ve checked out in years.

Nimrod Disc

Nice Guys Finish Last

Hitchin ‘A Ride

The Grouch



All the Time

Worry Rock

Platypus (I Hate You)


Last Ride In



Walking Alone


Take Back

King For a Day

Good Riddance (Time OF Your Life)

Prosthetic Head


Nice Guys Finish Last

Place Inside My Head

The Grouch

Walking Alone




You Irritate me

The Polka

When it’s Time


Chain Saw


Black Eyeliner

Live at Philadelphia’s The Electric Factory on Nov. 14, 1997

Going To Pasalacqua 

Welcome To Paradise 

Geek Stink Breath 

Nice Guys Finish Last 

Hitchin’ A Ride 

The Grouch 



2000 Light Years Away 




Basket Case 



Paper Lanterns 


Prosthetic Head 

When I Come Around 

Good Riddance 

*All Lyrics written by Billie Joe Armstrong 

**All Music composed by Green Day