Craig Cormack

I opened the DVD feeling the heat coming off the case. With Steven Soderberg returning along with writer Reid Carolina for this third installment, the movie was a home run waiting to happen.  

Tatum is there of course in snug briefs and knee pads, but the movie never really gets going and is a few steps behind the previous two installments. The formula for the strip show is worn out with little character development and has an incongruous narration. It is a flabby work despite all the hard bodies. 

Maxandra, played by Salma Hayek–a fabulously rich recent divorcee–recruits Mike to perform once again for 60K to boost her show at the theatre in London that she received in her divorce settlement. Tatum decides to accept Hayek’s offer, but can he pull it off?  The cast  also includes: Caitlin Gerard (Kim), Ayub Khan-Din (Victor), Jemelia George (Zadie) and Gavin Spokes (Mathew). 

This is too much for the down and out stripper turned furniture maker turned bartender to turn down. Mike and his boys grind away, there is a lot of action in the montage sequence in and for some this is enough of a diversion.

Special features include “Magic Mike’s New Moves Featurette” and a deleted scene.