Neil Young’s live album “Somewhere Under the Rainbow” was recorded during his “Tonight’s the Night” era in November 1973 at London’s Rainbow Theater.  Featuring Young’s backing band at the time, the Santa Monica Flyers who eventually morphed into his latest backing band “Crazy Horse”. Despite being previously circulated as a poorly recorded audience bootleg, this official release showcases a slightly cleaner but still imperfect sound quality that adds to its overall appeal. The warm fusion of vocals and instruments creates an intimate atmosphere that even polished multi-track recordings often cannot achieve.

Compared to Neil’s other live album “Roxy Tonight’s the Night Live,” which has a clearer recording quality and a similar setlist, “Somewhere Under the Rainbow” showcases a different energy with a string of acoustic numbers not present in the more rocking “Roxy” date. The night ends with a fiery version of “Cowgirl in the Sand,” where Neil’s slightly cracking voice and the band’s shaky performance during the 12-plus-minute jam somehow fit impeccably into the set’s overall atmosphere. Despite its imperfections, “Somewhere Under the Rainbow” remains an appreciated account of Neil’s live-in-concert energy.  Yup, sonically the recording quality could have been better and the songs could have been performed more cohesively,  nevertheless, this album’s distinctive character sets it apart from other releases in Young’s Official Bootleg Collection.  This one is for anyone Who loves live New Young recordings.

Disc: 1

Tonight’s the Night 

Mellow My Mind 

World on a String 

Speakin’ Out 


New Mama 

Roll Another Number (For the Road) 

Tired Eyes

Tonight’s the Night – Part II 

Disc: 2

Flying on the Ground Is Wrong

Human Highway


Don’t Be Denied

Cowgirl in the Sand