Directed by Adrian Lyne


Incredibly, it has been 40 years since Flashdance appeared in movie theatres everywhere.  I wasn’t a big fan of the film, but the soundtrack was unavoidable and so was the then-new fashion trend that emerged from the film, the legwarmers.  

Alex, portrayed by Jennifer Beals, is a gifted dancer who performs at a glamorous exotic nightclub, where she captivates both the stage and the audience. Despite her undeniable talent, she has reservations about auditioning for a prestigious dance school due to her fear of performing near others. As a result, she spends her days working as a welder at a steel mill in Pittsburgh. Her boyfriend and boss, Nick (played by Michael Nouri), recognizes her potential and encourages her to pursue her dream. With Nick’s support, Alex seizes the opportunity to prove to herself and others that she is more than just a nightclub performer and has what it takes to succeed as a dancer.

Now available on 4K Disc, this movie has received significant visual enhancements with its superb Dolby Vision transfer. However, individuals who were disappointed by the absence of object-based tracks will have to make do with the still impressive DTS 5.1 track.  This film will be enjoyed by anyone wanting to wax nostalgic and want to sing the songs that manifested in the early 1980s.