Seal Team – Season Six

Get ready for an intense sixth season of the hit military drama SEAL Team. Led by Jason Hayes (David Boreanaz), this elite unit of Navy SEALs faces the daunting task of recovering from a crippling ambush that forever changes the team and leaves their future uncertain. This thrilling 3-Disc collection includes every gripping episode, packed with over 60 minutes of exclusive special features. Explore deleted scenes, enjoy a hilarious gag reel, and delve into much more exciting content!

Special Features:

Deleted Scenes 

Filming In Jordan

SEAL Team: All In, All the Time

Give It All You’ve Got

Syria By Design

Gag Reel


1. Low-Impact

BRAVO fights to survive a deadly ambush, forever changing the team.

2. Crawl, Walk, Run

BRAVO is deployed on a high-stakes mission in Russian controlled territory as Clay battles with his recovery.

3. Growing Pains 

BRAVO discovers unexpected allies as they are sent to Northern Syria on a mission to locate the perpetrators behind the U.S.S. Crampton attack.

4. Phantom Pattern

BRAVO collaborates with the YPJ to uncover the culprits behind the U.S.S. Crampton bombing, all while grappling with acceptance of their latest team member.

5. Thunderstruck

An unfortunate incident exacerbates the distrust between Jason and Omar, placing BRAVO and their allied force in the dangerous sights of a formidable enemy.

6. Watch Your 6

Returning from Syria, BRAVO unexpectedly embarks on a profoundly personal mission.

7. Strange Bedfellows

BRAVO receives a summons to return to Syria to address unresolved matters.

8. Aces and Eights

BRAVO journeys to Amman, Jordan, in pursuit of the Iranian General who supports Yasiri’s militia.

9. Damage Assessment

Following a fruitful interrogation in Jordan, BRAVO receives heartbreaking news that will have a lasting impact on the team.

10. Fair Winds and Following Seas

In the aftermath of a crushing defeat, BRAVO must navigate their way through a hostile territory, battling their way to safety.