Transformers Earthpark: the Complete First Season DVD includes the first 10 episodes. After the Transformers war on Earth ended, war veteran Dot Malto, her husband Professor Alex Malto, and their children Robby and Mo relocate to the remote town of Witwicky, Pennsylvania for a fresh start. However, Witwicky holds secrets beyond their expectations as they become involved with a group of Terran Transformers – the first robots born on Earth. When the half-human/half-robot cyborg Dr. Meridian (aka Mandroid) threatens their peaceful lives, Robby, Mo, and the Terrans join forces with legendary Autobots like Optimus Prime and Bumblebee to defeat Mandroid. 


1. Secret Legacy – Robby struggles to adapt following his family’s relocation to the secluded town of Witwicky, but everything changes when he and his sister, Mo, stumble upon the extraordinary Earthborn Transformers..

2. Secret Legacy – Unsettled in the tranquil town of Witwicky after their family’s significant relocation, Robby finds it difficult to adapt. However, his world takes an unexpected turn when he and his sister, Mo, uncover the existence of the ground-breaking Earthborn Transformers..

3.Moov-ing In – While the Malto family adjusts to the presence of the Earthborn Transformers, Bumblebee realizes that his task of training the Terrans is far more challenging than he initially anticipated.

4.House Rules – Thrash, feeling restless with the family’s rules, manages to persuade Mo to test their limits and venture beyond the established boundaries.

5. Classified – Following a case of mistaken identity, G.H.O.S.T. Special Agent Schloder embarks on a relentless pursuit of Twitch, convinced that she is a Decepticon. In the meantime, Dot is thrust into G.H.O.S.T. orientation, undergoing rigorous training and preparation for her new role.

6. Traditions – When Robby decides not to participate in Alex’s customary Wakwak hunt, Alex takes the opportunity to reveal his family’s history to Bumblebee. Meanwhile, Twitch unexpectedly comes face to face with Wheeljack.

7. Friends and Family – Friends and Family – The unpredictable actions of the Terrans might reflect Mo and Robby’s apprehension as they prepare for their first day at a new school.

8. Decoy – During a mission to apprehend three elusive Mini-Cassette Bots with unique musical abilities, Megatron and Optimus Prime find themselves at odds over GHOST’s approach towards Decepticons. Their differing perspectives on how Decepticons should be handled lead to a heated disagreement.

9. Age of Evolution – Twitch and Thrash wonder if they’re the only two Terrans in the universe; with the help of Optimus, Bumblebee, Alex, Robby, and Mo, they relocate the cave of their origin.

10. Age of Evolution Part II – Filled with curiosity, Twitch and Thrash contemplate whether they are the sole Terrans in the vast universe. Joined by Optimus, Bumblebee, Alex, Robby, and Mo, they embark on a journey to rediscover the cave of their origin. Together, they strive to uncover the truth about their existence and unlock the secrets of their evolution.