Directed by Michael B. Jordan

The Rocky franchise introduced audiences to an enduring legacy in the realm of boxing films. Welcome to Creed III  the latest incarnation of boxing films having roots in the Rocky franchise.  Adonis Creed (Michael B. Jordan) plays the son of Apollo (Carl Weathers), a prominent character from the early Rocky films. With this established, we now find ourselves at the third installment of Creed, where Michael B. Jordan has taken on the dual role of actor and director.

The similarities between previous boxing films have truly been perplexing.  Of course, character development and locals will vary. But the common threads remain, good versus evil and the final battle at the end of these films.  Nonetheless, audiences seem to adore these scenarios regardless of their predictable outcomes. In an impressive accomplishment, Creed III has recently achieved a franchise milestone by setting a record for the largest North American box-office opening in sports film history.

Despite the familiar trajectory of the narrative, the acting and direction in this film are executed with exceptional skill. As is customary in the series, the fight scenes are meticulously choreographed, showcasing the expertise behind their staging. The dramatic elements of the story also leave a lasting impact, with compelling performances from the likes of Tessa Thompson as Creed’s wife Bianca, Mila Davis-Kent as their daughter Amara, Phylicia Rashad as Creed’s mother Mary-Anne Creed, and Wood Harris as boxing coach Tony “Little Duke” Evers Jr.  Creed III delivers a resounding knockout for Michael B. Jordan, who not only shines as its lead actor but is brilliant in his directorial debut.

4K UHD Special Features:

Michael B. Jordan: In the Ring/Behind the Camera – featurette.

There’s No Enemy Like the Past: Donnie and Dame – featurette.

Deleted Scenes.