Director: Jess Atlas 

Despite his limited screen time, Bruce Willis brings his trademark solemnness to the role, captivating viewers and making the sci-fi setup credible. 

In a world where a private military organization pioneers an advanced microchip technology, a ground-breaking innovation emerges. This futuristic technology allows agents to transfer their consciousness into the bodies of unsuspecting individuals, empowering them to execute covert and perilous missions. However, when tragedy strikes and an agent loses his life on a classified assignment, his determined wife steps forward, bravely assuming his role to pursue the individual accountable and seek justice.

Assassin is a captivating exploration of revenge and its toll on one’s soul and mind. The talented cast and clever dialogue add to its appeal. Although the plot and twist may not be entirely original, there is still plenty of enjoyment to be found. Additionally, it’s a pleasure to witness Willis giving his all, especially considering it may be one of his final performances.