Directed by Taylor Sheridan


Stallone’s Tulsa King sets off with Dwight D. Manfredi (Sylvester Stallone) leaving the “Big House” after completing his 25-year murder sentence.

Just outside the prison walls, Dwight is picked up and chauffeur driven to his old mafia cronies.  Dwight’s retribution expectations are high since he did the time for another gangster’s crime.  However, upon his release, his old cronies don’t seem to be as appreciative as Dwight expected.  Ultimately the mobster family decides to banish Dwight to Tulsa under the pretense of expanding their mafia horizons.  In this first re-encounter with his mob fam Dwight punches out a “made man”, breaking his jaw. Dwight’s still got it. 

American culture has undergone a dramatic transformation since 1997 when the world was just beginning to embrace the widespread use of the internet and cell phones. Dwight, unfortunately, missed out on much of this evolution, leaving him slightly disadvantaged. However, he possesses a remarkable ability to learn quickly.

Upon arriving in Tulsa, Dwight’s initial experience at the airport and introduction to the city was rather bleak. Fortunately, a cab driver named Tyson (Jay Will) came to his rescue, becoming Dwight’s unwavering ally his right-hand man. Their effortless partnership solidified when Dwight stood up to a car dealer who perceived a grave threat upon seeing a black man with cash.

Dwight is an ambitious individual, a trait that likely propelled him up the ranks of the mafia. However, now on his own without the support of his family, he actively seeks out captivating individuals, engaging them in conversation and effortlessly forging new friendships.

During one of his encounters, Dwight meets Stacy (Andrea Savage) at a bar, and before long, the two end up in Dwight’s bed. Stallone could easily pass for a “hard” 55-year-old, a perception that never fails to amuse me. However, Stacy experiences a moment of unease when she realizes the significant age difference between them.

Yet, Stacy carries her own emotional baggage, dealing with a divorce and struggling with addiction (with little success). Consequently, she finds herself drawn to the older gentleman, appreciating his integrity.

In his quest for excitement, Dwight wastes no time immersing himself in Tulsa’s shady underbelly. His first entrance into this world comes in the form of a legal weed dispensary operated by a geeky stoner named Bodhi (Martin Starr).

Bodhi finds it utterly bewildering that someone would barge into his unprotected establishment and make demands. His surprise intensifies when Dwight starts suggesting methods to conceal money from authorities. As Bodhi aptly puts it, “trouble had never found its way to my line of work” until Dwight arrived.

Tulsa King is explosive! I have never enjoyed watching Sylvester Stallone more than throughout these binge-watched 9 episodes of Season One.  Stallone is natural and utterly believable in his role of an old-time gangster…don’t miss this series, you’ll love it.

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Carpe D.M.: Stallone

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Haberdashery: Costume Design

Outthink Your Enemy: Stunts

The Here and Now: On Location in Tulsa

Behind the Story” for every episode