By: Debbie

This new revival of the Are You Afraid of the Dark? series, which first aired in the 1990s, has entered its third season last summer. With each season, the show introduces a fresh cast, a different location, and an entirely new mystery. In this latest installment, the Midnight Society finds themselves ready for another thrilling case. A group of friends decide to stay at a hotel on Ghost Island, where they soon discover that room 13 holds a potentially eerie secret.

Featuring Telci Huynh, Dior Goodjohn, Luca Padovan, Chance Hurtsfield, and Conor Sherry in prominent roles, this DVD release includes a collection of four captivating episodes. The overall response has been exceptional, possibly attributed to the outstanding narratives, characters, and setting.

The recently revitalized franchise serves as a perfect gateway into the horror genre for younger viewers, while also offering spine-tingling moments that captivate adult audiences. The four episodes included in this release are an absolute delight to watch, and they contribute significantly to the flourishing of the kids’ horror genre. Excitement mounts as more episodes await, and personally, I am eager to book my next thrilling trip to Ghost Island!

The 4 Episodes:

1.The Tale of Room 13

Upon checking into a hotel on a tranquil resort island, four best friends stumble upon a terrifying ordeal confined within one of the rooms.

2. The Tale of the Teen Spirit

While attempting to relish their summer break, the children find themselves drawn once again into the enigma surrounding the island’s spectral inhabitants

3. The Tale of the Looking Glass

Having unwittingly released a malevolent ghost from a mirror, the kids find themselves plunged into a night of terror within the haunted hotel. Now, they must confront their fears and uncover the truth behind the sinister presence that haunts them.

4. The Tale of the Other Side

Entangled in a relentless clash between the living and the dead, the fractured Midnight Society must rely on the strength of their friendship to mend their bonds and bring harmony back to Ghost Island.