In the final season of NCIS: LOS ANGELES, amidst the happy news about Callen and Anna’s engagement, Hetty Lange is still on a dangerous mission and will need the help of the NCIS team to save her. The NCIS team must also focus on dangers both at home and abroad, with a bombing at a military combat drone facility and shocking news about the fighting overseas. This 6-Disc collection includes every thrilling episode, along with exclusive special features including never-before-seen deleted scenes and more!

In the climactic culmination of NCIS: Los Angeles’ last season, the joyous announcement of Callen and Anna’s engagement contrasts with the shadow of concern cast by Hetty Lange’s perilous mission. As the team grapples with this duality, the NCIS agents are once again called upon to unite their unique skills and expertise to rescue their beloved mentor.

Hetty’s ongoing dangerous mission unfolds as a central narrative thread, weaving suspense and urgency into the storyline. The team’s unwavering loyalty and determination become more crucial than ever as they navigate through intricate webs of intrigue to bring her back safely. With Hetty’s fate hanging in the balance, the camaraderie and unbreakable bond among the team members are tested to their limits.

However, their challenges are not confined to a single front. At home, a shocking bombing rocks a military combat drone facility, setting off a chain of events that demand the NCIS team’s immediate attention. The consequences of this attack ripple through the season, urging the team to dig deep into their investigative prowess to uncover the truth behind this act of terror.

Simultaneously, the team’s focus is pulled onto the global stage, where heart-stopping developments in overseas conflicts send shockwaves through their ranks. As they confront the reality of the fights being waged far from home, they must grapple with tough decisions and moral dilemmas that test their principles and commitment.

This thoughtfully curated 6-Disc collection encapsulates every pulse-pounding episode of the final season. Immerse yourself in the world of NCIS: Los Angeles as the team races against time to save Hetty, unravel domestic and international dangers, and safeguard the values they hold dear. Delve even deeper with exclusive special features, including never-before-seen deleted scenes that offer fresh perspectives on the characters and their journeys.

Join NCIS: Los Angeles’ beloved characters on this gripping and emotional rollercoaster, celebrating their triumphs, sharing in their challenges, and bidding a fond farewell to a series that has captured the hearts of fans worldwide.

1. Game of Drones

In the wake of a devastating bombing that targeted a major facility responsible for assembling military combat drones, the NCIS team plunges into a high-stakes investigation to uncover the suspect behind this act of destruction and unveil their hidden motives. As tension mounts, Callen and Kilbride are confronted with troubling news stemming from a body discovered in the tumultuous region of Syria, setting off a chain of events that could reshape their mission and objectives.

2. Of Value

A sense of urgency grips the NCIS team when two prominent architects, renowned for their expertise in designing impregnable structures, are mysteriously abducted. With their specialized skills in demand by shadowy figures, the team initiates a relentless search to rescue the architects from captivity. Meanwhile, as Deeks and Kensi navigate the challenges of their professional lives, they also find themselves realizing the importance of aiding Rosa in her academic pursuits.

3. The Body Stitchers

A chilling resurgence grips the city as the infamous group known as “The Body Stitchers” resurfaces, rekindling memories of their past evasion from NCIS capture. With a wave of grisly murders unfolding, the NCIS team forms an uneasy alliance with the FBI to track down the elusive killers. Amidst the hunt for justice, unexpected connections emerge, including a new camaraderie between Sam’s father and the enigmatic Arkady.

4. Dead Stick

Tragedy strikes close to home when Aiden Hanna’s plane crashes under suspicious circumstances, and he becomes the prime suspect in the investigation. The NCIS team embarks on a race against time to vindicate Aiden and uncover the true cause behind the accident. Meanwhile, Rountree faces a pivotal crossroads as he grapples with the aftermath of a tense encounter with the LAPD, forcing him to reflect on his path forward.

5. Flesh & Blood

NCIS delves into a perplexing case where a woman is observed fleeing the scene of her husband’s murder. As the team unravels the intricate layers of this intricate crime, personal dynamics also come to the fore. Roberta Deeks’ arrival in town introduces a new dimension, prompting unexpected interactions, while Sam endeavors to secure suitable assistance for his ailing father.

6. Glory of the Sea

Rear Admiral Ted Gordon’s sudden abduction rattles the highest echelons of the Navy, demanding NCIS intervention. The team launches into action to solve this puzzling disappearance, unearthing a complex web of intrigue and betrayal. Amidst the high-stakes investigation, Kensi and Deeks find themselves navigating personal challenges as they explore roles as parents and partners.

7. Survival of the Fittest

A shocking incident on a training mission leaves a Marine gravely ill, the result of a genetically engineered weapon. While the NCIS team races against time to identify the perpetrators behind this biological assault, Deeks grapples with the delicate balancing act of managing his commitments at work and nurturing his family when Rosa falls ill.

8. Let It Burn

When an arson attack engulfs a naval defense contractor at Global West Ventures Corp., NCIS immerses itself in the smoldering aftermath to trace the origins of this fiery assault. Simultaneously, Rountree’s reconnection with an old flame raises questions about the complexities of the past, while Kilbride presents Callen with enigmatic files that could alter the course of their investigations.

9. Blood Bank

NCIS delves into the aftermath of a boat shootout where a culturally significant artifact is stolen, uncovering startling revelations about the true owner of the vessel. As the investigation deepens, the team finds themselves embroiled in a complex web of intrigue that leads them down unexpected paths.

10. A Long Time Coming

Agent Rountree and Fatima’s search for the missing Kilbride takes a dangerous turn when they become the targets of a relentless ambush. Shockingly, they learn that each member of the NCIS team has been marked with a substantial bounty on their heads, plunging them into a battle for survival where trust becomes the most precious commodity.

11. Best Seller

Sam’s friend, Tom Olsen, finds himself in the crosshairs of vengeful adversaries from his past. With danger closing in, the NCIS team must untangle the threads of this enigmatic vendetta to shield Tom from his relentless pursuers and uncover the truth behind the threats that haunt him.

12. In the Name of Honor: Shadows of Militia

A routine search for a missing Navy lieutenant takes a treacherous turn when Kensi and Fatima are abducted and drugged. The trail leads to a dangerous militia with deep-rooted connections, pushing the NCIS team to the brink as they race against time to rescue their comrades and dismantle a potentially catastrophic threat.

13. A Farewell to Arms

The NCIS team is thrust into a race against time as they pursue a mysterious woman responsible for assaulting the founder of an influential AI company. The stakes skyrocket as her actions threaten to ignite a global conflict of unprecedented proportions. Amidst the turmoil, Kilbride’s past resurfaces in an unexpected form, urging him to reconsider his estranged relationship with his son.

14. Shame

The apparent suicide of a petty officer sends shockwaves through the NCIS team, prompting a deeper investigation into the circumstances surrounding his death. As they peel back the layers of secrecy, Callen and Anna’s wedding plans interweave with the investigation, and Sam engages in a heartfelt conversation with his daughter, forging bonds in the face of tragedy.

15. The Other Shoe

Sam Hanna embraces an unfamiliar role when he goes undercover as a fighter to dismantle a drug-dealing gang plaguing the streets. As he navigates this perilous world, he uncovers layers of deceit and peril that threaten to consume him.

16. Sleeping Dogs

A cryptic and urgent message leads Fatima and Rountree on a collaborative journey to decipher its meaning, unraveling a complex case that demands their combined skills. Meanwhile, Kilbride’s plans to visit his son set the stage for potentially transformative revelations, and Callen extends a heartfelt invitation to Sam to play a pivotal role in his impending wedding.

17. Maybe Today

The NCIS team’s expertise is enlisted to breathe new life into a cold case from 2003, involving a missing Navy petty officer. This unexpected collaboration unveils buried secrets and unresolved mysteries, while Kilbride embarks on a journey of reconciliation with his son, rekindling strained familial ties.

18. Sensu Lato

A Navy reservist’s gruesome murder and the ransacking of his insect-infested laboratory thrusts the NCIS team into a world of dangerous intrigue. As they navigate a landscape tainted with pesticides and betrayal, Sam is offered a pivotal career opportunity by Kilbride, prompting Rountree to evaluate his own aspirations.

19. The Reckoning

A series of brazen daylight attacks claim the lives of four individuals, including a CIA officer, propelling the NCIS team into a race against time to unravel the connection to a shadowy entity known as DRONA. The investigation exposes a web of deception and power plays that could potentially ignite a global crisis. Pembrook’s enigmatic revelations cast a new light on Callen’s past, adding fuel to the ever-growing inferno of intrigue.

20. New Beginnings

The disappearance of an ATF agent sparks a collaborative effort between agencies, drawing the NCIS team into a sprawling investigation involving stolen military-grade weapons. Amidst the turmoil, Callen and Anna’s wedding plans unfold, providing a glimpse into their shared future, while Rountree’s sister explores her own aspirations in the realm of medicine.

21. New Beginnings Part 2

The stakes escalate as the NCIS team continues their joint operation with ATF, unraveling the complexities of stolen weapons and nefarious dealings. Against this backdrop of danger, Callen and Anna seize the moment to embrace an impromptu wedding, marking a new chapter in their lives as they navigate the uncertain path ahead.

Special Features:      

Deleted Scenes –

First-Ever NCIS crossover Episode “Too Many Cooks”

NCIS Hawaii Crossover Episode, “Deep Fake”

A Killer Crossover

One Last Snapshot: The Final Season of NCIS: Los Angeles

To Old Friends and New Beginnings

A Killer Crossover