Loki (Blu-Ray)

Directed by Kate Herron

By: Sara

Marvel Studios’ Loki takes the God of Mischief on a captivating journey set in the aftermath of THE Avengers: Endgame, exploring time and reality. Tom Hiddleston shines as Loki, joined by Owen Wilson’s mysterious agent Mobius.

The show combines cutting-edge visual effects with deliberate artistic choices, creating a visually immersive experience. Attention to detail in sets, costumes, and props enhances the narrative seamlessly.

Loki’s episodes unveil a complex plot and introduce Kang the Conqueror effectively, avoiding rushed storytelling. Tom Hiddleston’s portrayal is exceptional, bringing depth to Loki’s character. The Chemistry with Owen Wilson and Sophia Di Martino adds richness.

Loki stands out by embracing the bizarre and offering a unique viewing experience. It blends procedural elements with a serialized format in just six episodes, earning praise from both Marvel fans and newcomers. Whether a Marvel enthusiast or a fan of sci-fi and multi-dimensional storytelling, Loki deserves your attention.


1. Glorious Purpose

2. The Variant

3. Lamentis

4. The Nexus Event

5. Journey Into Mystery

6. For All Time. Always.