Directed by Dan Trachtenberg

By: Sara

“Prey” delivers a thrilling climax set in a snowy forest at night, where the iconic Predator alien faces off against Comanche hunter Naru. The battle, illuminated by the alien’s eerie green blood, is a treat for action enthusiasts. Despite minor issues like subpar animal CGI, the film, successfully rejuvenates the Predator franchise, thanks to its unique premise: the first Predator landing in Comanche territory in 1719.

The movie challenges Western stereotypes by showcasing the Comanche culture and language. However, the default English version, along with French fur trappers speaking without subtitles, can be confusing. The cast, especially Amber Midthunder as Naru, stands out.

Naru, a skilled hunter overshadowed by her older brother, stands out for her ability to observe predator behavior, vital in identifying the alien threat. Her unconventional skills set her as the community’s only hope.

Naru’s loyal dog, Sarii, adds tension to the story, enhancing the predator-prey dynamic. The alien, with advanced technology like heat-vision and near invisibility, mirrors humanity’s darker side, blurring the line between alien and human.

“Prey” breaks from the 1980s action film clichés by portraying young male warriors as overconfident, allowing a determined but inexperienced Comanche girl and her dog to take the spotlight. This fresh approach makes “Prey” a promising addition to the franchise, leaving audiences eager for sequels.