Directed by  John Requa & Glenn Ficarra

By: Sara

In recent years, society has witnessed an alarming surge in the proliferation of conspiracy theories and a growing sense of apprehension surrounding the specter of “Big Brother.” This unsettling trend is further exacerbated by the emergence of online movements like QAnon, which have cultivated a deep-seated skepticism about the world at large. The deluge of data and information bombarding individuals on a daily basis has left many feeling overwhelmed, while others grapple with the daunting challenge of finding their bearings in a world teetering on the brink of chaos.

Enter “Rabbit Hole,” a new series available on Paramount+ that embarks on an exhilarating journey into the heart of a conspiracy thriller. Led by the incomparable Kiefer Sutherland, “Rabbit Hole” promises a rollercoaster of gripping moments, even though it occasionally falters in its storytelling.

The enigmatic John Weir, portrayed by Sutherland, is no stranger to delivering improbable results for his clients. Alongside his team of brilliant experts, he masterfully navigates the intricate labyrinth of the world, remaining undetected and largely unknown. However, the precarious balance of his life takes a perilous turn when he accepts a job from his old friend Valence, played by Jason Butler Harner. This seemingly routine assignment soon plunges Weir into a nightmarish scenario as he finds himself framed for the murder of a high-ranking government official, portrayed by Rob Yang. With the noose tightening around him, Weir is forced to go on the run, inadvertently pulling Hailey Winton, played by Meta Golding, into the vortex of his chaos.

As the series unfolds, a shadowy figure from Weir’s past, brought to life by the venerable Charles Dance, reemerges, further complicating Weir’s already treacherous journey. “Rabbit Hole” promises a thrilling and suspenseful story filled with unexpected twists and turns. If you enjoy the espionage genre, you certainly enjoy the Rabbit Hole.  If you have an appreciation for the espionage genre, you’re bound to find “Rabbit Hole” thoroughly enjoyable.


1. Pilot

John Weir deftly traverses the intricate realm of deception, adeptly embodying the roles of both puppet and puppeteer. Yet, following what initially seemed like another victorious day at work, his world is abruptly shattered.

2. At Any Given Moment

Haunted by the tragic suicide of his close friend Valence and wrongfully accused of Edward Homm’s murder, Weir embarks on a frantic quest to unravel the events leading up to that fateful day. Meanwhile, the enigmatic Hailey becomes increasingly entangled in Weir’s tumultuous world.

3. The Algorithms of Control

Weir’s harrowing past comes to the surface, shedding light on the beginnings of his friendship with Valence and their involvement in the world of corporate espionage. As Weir and Hailey navigate their delicate connection, the frost surrounding their relationship begins to thaw.

4. The Person in Your Ear

Armed with the data stolen from Arda, Weir is in go-mode to unveil the truth behind Valence’s death and enlists Hailey’s help to exploit a member of Crowley’s network; Edward Homm may finally be ready to cooperate and help find Crowley.

5. Tom

Empowered by the information pilfered from Arda, Weir is in full pursuit mode to expose the reality behind Valence’s demise. He recruits Hailey’s assistance to manipulate a member of Crowley’s network. Simultaneously, there are indications that Edward Homm might be prepared to cooperate and aid in the quest to locate Crowley.

6. The Playbook

Weir’s bond with Ben becomes a casualty of Weir’s growing paranoia and distrust. Meanwhile, Weir and his team devise a strategic scheme aimed at reaching Crowley, involving an audacious heist at a high-security facility. Amidst this turmoil, an anguished Intern reaches out to Eliza for assistance.

7. Gilgamesh

Weir and his team are plunged into an exceedingly perilous and precarious predicament. As circumstances take a turn for the worse, they grapple with the daunting challenges that have suddenly befallen them, with their unity and resourcefulness put to the ultimate tes

Weir’s mounting apprehension regarding Ben and his growing anxiety surrounding Crowley threaten to overwhelm him, as he struggles to avoid descending into a labyrinth of endless possibilities.

8. Ace in the Hole

As Crowley’s sinister psyop maneuvers to secure the support of the Shared Data Act and effectively manipulate the democratic process, Weir finds himself left with no option but to deploy his last, most critical strategy. The success of Crowley’s devious plan poses a grave threat not only to the principles of democracy but also endangers the lives of both Liv and Ben. In this high-stakes showdown, Weir is pushed to the brink, with everything he holds dear hanging in the balance.