BY:  Anna

Paramount has recently unveiled the comprehensive collection of its critically acclaimed series, The Good Fight, now available on DVD. Starring Christine Baranski in the role of Diane Lockhart, this legal drama serves as a compelling spinoff from the successful series The Good Wife, where Julianna Margulies portrayed Alicia Florrick.

Airing for a successful six-season run from 2017 to 2022, The Good Fight has earned praise, being lauded as “better than almost any TV show” by Entertainment Weekly. The narrative centers around Diane Lockhart, played by Christine Baranski, who faces expulsion from her own law firm due to a financial scandal that tarnishes her goddaughter Maia’s (Rose Leslie) reputation and Diane’s financial security. Undeterred, Diane joins one of Chicago’s premier law firms, taking on high-stakes cases that delve into issues of race relations, gender constructs, and power dynamics.

This 18-disc compilation encompasses all six seasons, comprising 60 episodes and over two hours of exclusive special features. A valuable addition to any DVD collection, particularly for avid fans of the series, The Good Fight’s complete series on DVD is a must-have for those who appreciate riveting legal dramas.