As if that weren’t chaotic enough, a mishap leaves Patrick injured, prompting his quirky family members to step in and take turns hosting his show. Each family member brings their unique flair, attempting to maintain the hilarity and charm of Patrick’s original program while navigating his unconventional antics.

Amidst the laughter and chaos, Patrick’s unpredictable and surreal imagination continuously throws the family into uproarious situations. His wild whims and zany escapades make for side-splitting moments that keep everyone on their toes.

This release is a treasure trove of entertainment, offering the final 13 episodes of Season 1. Get ready to dive into a world of laughter and unexpected twists as Patrick and his unconventional family deliver a variety show experience unlike any other!

Episodes: 1-13

Shrinking Stars / FitzPatrick 

Uncredible Journey / Host-A-Palooza 

Backpay Payback / House Hunting 

The Drooling Fool / Patrick’s Got A Zoo Loose 

The Patterfly Effect / A Space Affair To Remember 

Home Ecch! / Fun & Done! 

The Lil’ Patscals / The Prehistoric Patrick Star Show 

The Patrick Show Sells Out / Neptune’s Ball 

Dad’s Stache Stash / A Root Galoot 

The Starry Awards / Blorpsgiving 

Stuntin’ / Olly Olly Organ Free 

Which Witch Is Which? / Get Off My Lawnie 

Bubble Bass Reviews / Patrick’s Prison Pals