Directed by: Dave Filoni

By Sara

The Blu-Ray Disc and 4K Ultra release of “The Mandalorian” offers an immersive journey into the Star Wars universe. Familiar elements like land speeders and bustling, diverse bars teeming with humanoid aliens evoke the quintessential essence of Star Wars, making it a nostalgic delight for even the most casual fans. Set a few years after the events of Return of the Jedi, the series embodies that era’s visual and narrative style, accessible to both avid viewers of the prequel films and newcomers who have indulged in the original trilogy.

What sets “The Mandalorian” apart is its detachment from the complex interweaving of the eight existing Star Wars films and their intricate political landscapes. Instead, it stands as a fresh narrative, a standalone story nestled within the expansive Star Wars Universe. This detachment not only allows for accessibility for viewers who may have missed certain installments but also offers a refreshing take, unburdened by the weight of prior convoluted lore.

The series exudes a distinct vibe, blending seamlessly into the franchise while embracing a nostalgic homage to classic westerns. This unique blend, orchestrated by creator Jon Favreau, is a masterstroke, infusing the show with a gripping tone and aesthetic that sets it apart from contemporary sci-fi narratives. This decision to lean into the western genre amplifies the series’ authenticity and offers a captivating deviation from conventional space-centric storytelling within the Star Wars galaxy.  Star Wars – The Mandalorian – The Complete First Season is a must watch for any Star Wars fan.

Disc II

Chapter 1: The Mandalorian

Chapter 2: The Child

Chapter 3: The Sin

Chapter 4: Sanctuary

Disc II

Chapter 5: The Gunslinger

Chapter 6: The Prisoner

Chapter 7: The Reckoning

Chapter 8: Redemption


Remnants of the Empire 

Uncover the Imperial designs adapted for the series, and meet the new villains as the Empire’s threat persists.

Forging the Covert: Part One:

Jon Favreau, Dave Filoni and crew highlight the craftmanship behind Grogu, the Mandalorian’s arsenal, and the show’s practical effects and original wizardry.