Director: Lindsey Anderson Beer 

By: Anna

“Pet Sematary: Bloodline” digs into Ludlow, Maine’s past, revealing a hidden story from Stephen King’s famous book. This movie is made for die-hard fans, uncovering secrets about the town’s history and its spooky cursed grounds. With a great cast, including Forrest Goodluck, Jackson White, Isabella Star LaBlanc, Henry Thomas, David Duchovny, Pam Grier, Jack Mulhern, and Samantha Mathis, the film tries not to overload viewers with too much backstory—something prequels often struggle with. It does a pretty good job, focusing on bigger ideas like community, consequences, and the weight of the past.

The movie isn’t perfect, though. Some new stuff might not fit perfectly with what fans already know. But if you’re really into the world of 1969 Ludlow and Stephen King’s stories, this film’s like a special journey. It shows how the curse started and where it leads, a treat for true fans. Even if you’re not a huge fan, this is a worthwhile scary movie for a night at home, nestled in front of your TV, under a blanket with refreshments at hand. 

Special Features:

1.Origins – Explore sinister origins and haunting secrets alongside David Duchovny and the cast of Pet Sematary.

2.Fresh Blood – Watch as new talent embraces the Pet Sematary legacy.

3.Death’s Design – Unearth the chilling secrets and hidden Easter eggs that breathe life into Pet Sematary’s terrifying designs.

4.Method to the Madness – Go behind the scenes with Jack Mulhern and Isabella LeBlanc, who share how they prepped for their roles, including bonding with four-legged co-stars.

5.War Comes Home – Enter the chilling realm of Pet Sematary as filmmakers and cast dissect the final scene, revealing the innovative technology behind its terrifying realization.