Directed by Reinaldo Marcus Green, 

BY Dan Messer

This engaging motion picture explores the life of reggae singer-songwriter Bob Marley (Kingsley Ben-Adir) and his wife, Rita (Lashana Lynch). It’s apparent that a plethora of people were involved in the development of this the latest Bob Marley Biopic. Brad Pitt and his production company along with The Marley family co-produced this well-grounded love letter to the dearly departed Marley family patriarch. 

The portrayal of Bob Marley in the movie looks beyond the HERO and shows us his humanity. Despite his immense impact and legend status, the film highlights that, at the core, he remained a vulnerable human being. Marley is depicted as a special, talented, and good person, who has his own struggles, and the movie balances these notions while still emphasizing the romanticized aspects of his life. While he conveys important messages, there is an underlying notion of “do as I say, not as I do.”

The narrative allows us to tag along with Marley on his journey from a relatively successful musician in Jamaica to a global phenomenon. The film delves into the profound influence Marley had on modern rock and roll and various artistic spheres, leading to Time Magazine naming his album ‘Exodus‘ as the greatest of the 20th century. The film’s soundtrack offers up numerous epic musical selections and features the original singing voice of Bob Marley, with the marvelous backdrop of mesmerizing Jamaica. The impact of Marley’s music is felt by many musicians, and by us all whether we know it or not, contributing to his lasting significance.

The movie effectively portrays Marley’s growth, trials, and tribulations, providing a familiar experience for long-time Marley enthusiasts. For those unfamiliar with Marley’s legacy, the film offers a glimpse into the essence of this remarkable individual. Despite being credited as a peacemaker and peace lover, the film also captures moments of Marley engaging in violence, infidelity, and self-righteousness, reinforcing the idea that even the most humane individuals are inherently only human, doing the best they can. In the case of Bob Marley, his best is quite formidable indeed.

In summary, ‘Bob Marley: One Love’ is a well-crafted biopic that pays tribute to the iconic musician. While it successfully captures the essence of Marley’s life, one potential improvement could be a deeper exploration of the creative process behind his reggae anthems, and the development of his powerful influence through a quality of genuineness of message and extremely potent delivery style both on and off stage. Nevertheless, leaving myself with the feeling it could have gone deeper, the movie is recommended, offering viewers a profound understanding of the special individual that Bob Marley was.