Directed by Phil Traill

By: Annie

The relf Good Burger 2 might have initially raised some eyebrows – did the world really need another installment of this quirky fast-food comedy? Yet, against all odds, the sequel proves that sometimes, it’s perfectly acceptable to dive into the realm of fun and silliness purely for the joy of it. Not everything in cinema needs a profound purpose; sometimes, entertainment for entertainment’s sake is just what the doctor ordered.

As someone who didn’t have the pleasure of growing up watching Kenan & Kel, I was unaware of the nostalgic void left by their absence until I casually mentioned their on-screen reunion in Good Burger 2 to some friends. It turns out that for those who were fans of the duo during their All That and Kenan & Kel days, this sequel carries immense significance.

Good Burger 2 isn’t merely a trip down memory lane; it serves a purpose beyond nostalgia. While it maintains the delightful silliness of its predecessor, it also manages to cater slightly more to the sensibilities of Millennials and Gen Xers, ensuring a broader appeal across different age groups. This balance makes it a perfect choice for family movie nights, offering entertainment that spans generations.

In terms of humour, Good Burger 2 might even surpass its predecessor. By seamlessly blending wacky antics with cleverly crafted gags, the film caters to a wide spectrum of comedy enthusiasts, ensuring plenty of laughs for everyone in the audience.

Kel Mitchell reprises his role as Ed with the same lovable goofiness that endeared him to audiences in the original film. However, it’s Kenan Thompson who shines particularly bright in this sequel. With an inherent wholesomeness that exudes warmth and camaraderie, Thompson’s portrayal of Dexter feels both fatherly and friendly, making it easy to root for him even as he gets caught up in one of his schemes.

Yet, it’s the dynamic between Kenan and Kel that truly elevates both Good Burger films. While each actor is undoubtedly enjoyable on their own, there’s an undeniable magic that occurs when they’re together on screen. Whether you’re a fan of the original Good Burger or simply enjoy a good old-fashioned goofy comedy, Good Burger 2 is not to be missed. So gather your friends, stock up on movie treats, and prepare for a rollicking good time.


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