Directed by Zelda Williams 

By Sara

Transporting viewers back to the golden era of 1980s teen-comedy-horror, “Lisa Frankenstein” pays homage to Mary Shelley’s classic while carving its own niche in the genre. Kathryn Newton dazzles as Lisa Swallows, a relatable protagonist navigating a labyrinth of challenges, from familial loss to clandestine crushes, against the backdrop of a sinister suburban landscape.

The plot takes a thrilling twist when Lisa unwittingly consumes a spiked cocktail, triggering a chain reaction of supernatural events that breathe life into her Victorian-era paramour, portrayed with haunting silence by Cole Sprouse. Together, they embark on a chilling quest for macabre ingredients, weaving through the town’s shadows in search of body parts.

Visually arresting, “Lisa Frankenstein” enchants audiences with its innovative fusion of animation and live action, seamlessly with a vibrant aesthetic. While the screenplay brims with intrigue and wit, occasionally wavering in tone as it grapples with themes of trauma and adolescence, screenwriter Cody’s mastery of comedic timing ensures a steady stream of memorable one-liners.

Despite its occasional missteps, “Lisa Frankenstein” boasts an array of redeeming qualities. The ensemble cast delivers standout performances, while the pulsating soundtrack, featuring tracks from The Jesus & Mary Chain and Pixies, adds depth to the film’s frenetic energy. Much like a cherished romance, “Lisa Frankenstein” is poised to resonate with gothic bad-ass teen girls worldwide, offering a whimsical yet poignant reflection of their journey to self-discovery amidst the noise of adolescence.


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Featurettes / Diablo Cody’s inspiration behind the film,

Lisa’s relationship with Creature, 

Commentary by director Zelda Williams,

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