After indulging in a couple of delicious mixed libations, I found myself drawn into the enigmatic sphere beckoning before me. It felt akin to entering the confines of an alien spacecraft. The room was adorned with numerous beanbag-like seats, inviting me to sink into their sumptuous comfort. And then, without warning, the show began.

This ground-breaking “Multisensory Odyssey” stands as a pioneering collaboration between the innovative minds of Stefana Fratila and Diana Lynn VanderMeulen. It boldly ventures into the realms of space exploration and theoretical narratives, providing an unparalleled sensory journey. Developed in conjunction with leading NASA scientists, the project’s soundtrack is meticulously crafted to recreate the diverse atmospheres surrounding each celestial body within our solar system.

Through a dazzling array of vibrant and imaginative visuals, I was whisked away to distant realms, embarking on a mesmerizing journey of the mind. This immersive experience encouraged me to visualize the awe-inspiring landscapes and otherworldly conditions of interplanetary existence. 

This wonderful sensory voyage offered an immersive experience that not only stimulated my senses but also made me think of the unchartered terrestrial dimensions of our universe. By seamlessly intertwining scientific inquiry with artistic expression, this project transcends conventional boundaries, inviting viewers to contemplate the possibilities and constraints of our cosmic existence.

This project provides a thought-provoking exploration of humanity’s future in space. Come and check out this extraordinary journey, it will challenge your perceptions and embrace the mysteries of the cosmos.

Now playing till June 22, 2024

Satosphère, Société des arts technologiques – 

1201 boul. St-Laurent, H2X 2S6, 

Montréal, Canada

514-844-2033 ext.210